Welcome to Ysgol Rhyngrwyd IGCSE Geography

Ysgol Rhyngrwyd is Welsh for Internet School [the word for High School was way too long!].
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Each sub-unit will have a page. On it will the PowerPoints, class notes and homeworks. Also there will useful and/or fun links included

Unit 1 People and the natural environment
Unit 1A: Water and here for Part 2
Unit 1B: Hazards

Unit 2 People and work

Unit 2A: Production
Unit 2B: Development

Unit 3 People and places

Unit 3A: Migration
Unit 3B: Urban environments

Unit 4 Global issues

Unit 4A: Fragile environments
Unit 4B: Globalisation
Unit 4C: Human Welfare

Revision Sessions

Paper 1F and 2H

Paper 3
Coursework skills
Coursework examples

Good revision sites
Revision world has some good summaries
Geographyalltheway is an excellent site and I will be 'borrowing' from it more than once! Its OK. Richard Allaway knows that EVERYONE borrows from his site!
S-Cool is another really good revision site
Hazelwick school quiz There are some really useful ones for your current revision
Getrevising will I am sure prove very useful. You need to log on but it is free. Here is one download - nearly everything you need to know about rivers - and a bit more too!

Exam Tips PageExam Tips

Homework of the week
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They will be visible for a week or 2 until the next one happens along and them will be saved as link at the bottom of the page.

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This is quite a task - I have kept it as invited editors only, to avoid spam etc but would welcome any comments, addition etc - so please feel free to contact me with any good ideas, broken links etc - or just where you are from and what you are hoping to get here!!!

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